Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is a smart way of converting interested people and maximising your sales opportunities on their journey through your system.

We use a technique known as profit maximisers, which essentially are up sells.

Companies like McDonalds offer to upsize your meal. They make 800% more money on up-sells than they do on their regular meals. We aim to do similar techniques with your products.

We use funnels to generate warm leads, to activate your existing database contacts or to monetise your products or service.

We offer profit maximisers at several stages along the process. We do this through order bumps, up-sells to a targeted audience, with the right copy, the right value and timing.


Firstly we work with you to consider if your business is right for these campaigns

We work out a lead magnet to generate interest for your prospects. This maybe a free information video, a product or a discount voucher.

We create an appealing set of Facebook ads and a very targeted campaign to maximise your budget and refine the quality of your leads.

We create an opt in page, where interested prospects from your Facebook campaign land. We will create a sales video of you talking about your business and how it can benefit the prospect as part of the material for this page. Engaged prospects leave their details to gain access to your offer.

We create another set of opportunities for the prospects to buy your product or service and a chance for you to make further upsells. We send them to your ecommerce site or build it with ours.

Their contact details will have been automatically added to your account. The prospects will then receive your newsletter campaign aimed at keeping your warm leads engaged based on their interests. We create monthly newsletters specific for your business that the prospects are happy to receive that aim to drive sales.

We then manage your ongoing campaign, adjusting your ads and creating content. The process can run indefinitely creating a long-term lead generator and engagement process, thus increasing opportunity for sales.