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  • Panoramas

    Google set criteria of what is expected in a photo shoot to create the tour for ‘Google Street View | Trusted’ for businesses.

    There is a minimum of 3 panoramic photos to be taken:

    • The first about 3 to 4 meters outside the front of the business
    • The second about a meter outside the front of the business with the doors open
    • The third about a meter inside the front of the business with the doors open

    Each panoramic photo creates the a 360º stage in the tour. To walk through the business showing different areas may take many panoramic photo locations depending on the size and layout.

    Google set the rates and they are based on how many panoramas are required.



    There is only the one off upfront charge and Google will not be charging an annual fee.

    Rates are set by Google and can only be performed by Trusted Google Photographers.

    The below rates are a guide, but a site visit for a free no obligation quote would be definitive.