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  • 4 ways retailer-brand relationships will change in 2018

    11th December 2017 | Blog
  • Columnist Andrew Waber takes a look at four trends taking shape for 2018 that will help brands and retailers collaborate to improve the digital shopping experience.

    Retailers have always been in the business of creating great shopping experiences. But Amazon has taken the old adage of “the customer is always right” and pushed it to what amounts to an algorithmically driven extreme.

    Amazon (and now other retailers) are continuously adjusting just about everything regarding the shopping experience based on customer behavior and conversions. So, what’s changed? Optimizing towards greatness is done at a more rapid pace. The year 2018 is likely going to be a year when brand marketer savviness drives a more equitable relationship with retailers.

    Brands are inherently put under increasing pressure by retailers to deliver the muscle that powers shopping experiences. Detailed copy, lots of photos, videos, experiential content, product specifications and more — and this is a list that continues to grow larger. As part of my job, we recently conducted a survey of 200 brands that found four trends to expect from brands and retailers in 2018 as they collaborate to satisfy digital shoppers.